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Zyuoh Eagle (Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger)


My name is Kyaw Thu Aung Ba also known as Ryan and I’m a CG Artist. This is my process about making of Zyuoh Eagle from  Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Super Sentai TV serie. My process will start with the basic modeling steps and I will try to show the techniques that I use for creating good looking 3D models, textures and for presenting the image well upon completion. It may be different from your own pipeline but I’ll share my workflow and I hope that some of these techniques will useful for you.

Here is a list of software that I’m going to use:
1) 3ds Max
2) Photoshop
3) ZBrush


There are serveral ways of collecting reference pictures for modeling such as Google images, screenshots from TV series videos. I will create the orthographic view of Front and Side reference sheet from there. I used photoshop for creating the reference sheets [Fig (01)] for modeling.

Fig (01)


First of all, I took my time analyzing the reference sheet, silhouette [Fig (02)] and proportions of the Helmet. Once I had studied all the information in my mind I was ready to start modeling the Helmet.

Fig (02)

In 3ds Max I imported the front and side view of drawings [Fig (03)] as references and started modeling segment by segment. As it stands, all the views are lined up and drawn in conjunction with each other, so there is no need to realign the plans. At this stage, I focused on the main shapes and proportions.

Fig (03)

I drew a line under “Splines” according to the reference image plane and I used extrude modifier to extrude the polygons to get the base shape. I pressed “Alt+X” short cut to get see through the polygons. I have added “Edit Poly” modifier on top of “Extrude” modifier and started tweaking polygon to get the basic shape of the helmet. [Fig (04)]

Fig (04)

 I like to start the modeling the basic shape with manageable and low polygon counts. I tweaked to get the prefer helmet shape in Vertex mode from “Editable Poly”. [Fig (05)]

Fig (05)

 I finalized the half of the helmet model and used “symmetry” modifier to mirror the other half of the helmet then I applied “shell” modifier to get the thickness of helmet. [Fig (06)]

Fig (06)

I exported using .obj format and imported back into the Zbrush then I start using ZModeler Brush to crease the necessary edges. It will help to define the prefer shape when I subdivided my imported helmet model. [Fig (07)]

Fig (07)

I started poly painting and applied materials value in Zbrush according to the screenshots and reference photos from TV series. Here is the final BPR render image of my Zyuoh Eagle convertible Zyuoh Gorilla helmet. [Fig (08)]

Fig (08)

To finish, I continued my modeling and sculpting the body and wings in Zbrush. I used “ZSphere” tool for basis body shape and move tool to get correct proportion and shape of the body. I also used variety of textures and Alpha maps that prepared in Photoshop. Then, I imported to zbrush and completed the poly painting. There is no UV layout for texturing in this work flow. After that I continued my works in Zbrush made my 3D model posable.  [Fig (09)]

Fig (09)


The Zyuoh Eagle has a very particular design, so it was very interesting to do. I really enjoyed making it. Please kindly take note that this post is not a tutorial and I just simply shared my project workflow. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post.